Our Story.

ReRooted has grown organically from a simple idea: the need for organic, dairy-free drinks — without the waste!

Making it at home wasn’t a realistic option for two guys that already worked full time and had a busy family life.  They needed to just be able to buy it…but it wasn’t available.

So 12 months of dreaming, planning, discussing and hard work later…ReRooted was born.

Who We Are.

The faces behind the bottles are Rich and Dan, two northern lads who now call the southwest home.

On their days off Dan can often be found foraging along the coast and cooking up some magic feast for his family on the beach and Rich can be found gardening at the intentional community he resides in with his family in Totnes.

Together they combine their knowledge of nutrition, cooking, business and mindfulness to create the team at ReRooted.

The name ReRooted is multi-dimensional. We believe it is a strong reflection of who we are and what we are setting out to achieve. We plan on re-routing how people shop for plantmilks; re-imagining a future that’s dairy-free and plastic-free. We emphasise re-using over re-cycling, we make it easy for people to re-order and we are committed to re-washing and re-filling your bottles every time.

Roots are the life force that connects living things to the ground; to be rooted is to be connected. Our connection and commitment to this planet and its inhabitants is unquestionable. We stand firm in our beliefs and our mission and this is what makes us proud to be called ReRooted.

What We Believe.

There is no such thing as leaving no impact on this Earth, but you can make a promise to always give back. We try this in as many areas as possible;

We are a proud member of 1% for the planet and have committed to donating 1% of our turnover to a different environmental organization every year.

This paired with only using renewable energy, electric vehicles, supporting organic farming and sourcing as local produce as possible makes us feel a little better about running a business and using resources from the Earth.

Where We Are Going.

We dream big, not just for ourselves but also for all other businesses out there. We hope to influence and educate as many companies as possible to collaboratively work together to create a world in which business is done consciously and a healthy planet comes before a healthy profit.

The destruction and guilt caused by consumerism shouldn’t be loaded onto the customer; we believe it needs to start at the top, giving consumers options and greater control of their own footprints. Read more about our vision for the future in the Zero Waste & Regeneration section.