Fresh. Organic.
Dairy Free.
Delivered To Your Door.

Reinventing how people drink milk. Our dairy-free drinks will always be organic, will always be in returnable, refillable glass bottles and will never come from a cow. It’s the milkman of the future, and it’s made here, in Devon!

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Zero Waste Commitment.

Plastic-free promise, zero-waste commitment. Our drinks are delivered the old-fashioned way, in glass bottles. We choose to re-use rather than re-cycle.

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Real Ingredients.

We use only real (pronounceable) ingredients in our products. Organic drinks we're proud to pour on our breakfast!

Learn about our process from blender to doorstep. We even collect your empty bottles once you're finished!

Zero emission

Following the tradition of the milkman, we’re fully electric. All our deliveries our done with a 100% electric vehicle - and we won’t wake you up as we drive by!
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